Remodel Your Kitchen in less Budget with these 3 Strategies

Kitchen, arguably, is the warmest place in the house. It is one of the places where hearts melt to the delicious aromas and tiring days are forgotten for a period of time as heart-warming dishes are prepared and served.

Here are three effective strategies that can help you make your kitchen a temple for your soul and your nearest and dearest, and nurture both young and mature minds:

1. Establish Your Priorities Well

With the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) asking people to at least plan for six months for remodeling projects for their kitchen, it means just how important and vital a role this space in your house plays. So, rather than spending on luxurious items focus on the functionality rather than the glamour to make your cooking-area standout naturally. Some indispensable areas to cover are:

  • Cooking Patters: for a house with multiple cooks, it’s important that your work aisles are at least 48 inches long and 42 inches wide. Additionally, with your kitchen walkways should to be able to cover a minimum of 36 inches in length. Keep these measurements in your mind before construction, keeping the pace up and make room for traffic is what a kitchen should do when the space becomes busy and crowded.
  • Seating Arrangements: If you want your kitchen to be a place for family members and cherished ones to sit down and have a meal together, then you must make sure it has a functional layout. Never isolate the arrangement and always keep it as an open plan and if there is room then adding an island would just make it feel more like home.
  • Child Safety: To really keep it a place for merriment and joy, make the kitchen safe for little ones to exit, enter, and roam. Remove sharp corners, and make appliances like microwaves and blender accessible to adults in the house only. A good way is to place them three inches below the shoulders of the adults in the house but not higher than 54 inches from the ground.
  • Lighting: A kitchen is a task- oriented place, and it’s only fitting that it has task-oriented lighting schemes. Eliminating shadows and controlling the intensity of luminosity in your kitchen makes it highly effective and change moods of many in the most preferable manner as possible.

2. Make the Best Use of Flea Markets

If it comes down to remodeling and renovating your space, then what better to do it in than using style and still be cost effective. Flea markets are excellent for browsing materials and products that are hard to find in stores. They reveal tons of usefulness at bargain-able prices. From antique lamps to interior decoration, they can prove to be a great source to add those essential touches that every kitchen deserves.

3.  Recycle, Reuse and Get More from Less

Repurposing your old cabinets for additional storage means more than just giving the old a new purpose. It mean spending smartly and saving on the extra cost of buying new ones.  So get creative, and find uses for old drawers and doors to make things like wall hangings and poster frames.